1. Hanging out. A Sunday in September!

    • Damson Gin
    • Pretzel Millionaire Shortbread
  2. Still discovering new (well, not so new) music through John Peel! Happy 75th.

    Freiwillige Selbst-Kontrolle| I wish I Could Sprechen Sie Deutsche

  3. Can’t wait to go to Augsburg in September to watch Augsburg FC take on Werder Bremen.

  4. I caught a glimpse in to the future last night. I went out of the house for a run, away from my wi-fi safe apartment. I ran down my street, to the park, and looped back around to my apartment.

    For the 20 minutes I was running, I was listening to the latest episode of 'This American Life', streaming from the soundcloud app.

    This doesn’t sound that futuristic does it, really? The technology is there, it IS possible to do these things.

    But I don’t always do this. Why not?

    There are a number of industries at play in this scenario. When they don’t work together, they can slow each other down.

    I’ll let you know how my phone bill is at the end of this month, maybe next time I’ll have to stick with using rdio on offline sync. 

  6. I took a vacation to North America. I celebrated at katieneeds Wedding party, and explored with yumtasticfluff.

  7. amjayes:

    "He was a hard old bastard, and he drove some cracking races. In his last race, Mexico 1970, he came past me and Denny absolutely going for it, on the grass, up the kerbs like always. He was 44 years old then." - Chris Amon on Sir Jack Brabham (1926-2014)

  8. Spent the weekend with Dad at the Historic Monaco Grand Prix. A much more affordable way to experience racing on the streets of Monaco. 

    Two days, 7 practice sessions and 7 races. The perfect father, son, bonding weekend.

  9. Efdemin | Transducer

    Tram line in the Ost Bloc of Berlin, 1990. Can you tell the streets?


  10. April

    April sounded a lot like this.

  11. sublimnl:


    xkcd explains the SSL Heartbleed bug really simply.

    Are you still there, server? It's me, Margaret.

    Easiest way of explaining why the Heartbleed bug was dangerous.

    (via marc)


  12. What do you consider success? Healthy numbers, or a healthy product?


  13. Holy Crap. That voice.


  14. 25.

    Tomorrow I turn 25. This is what I think about the coming years

    - Stop worrying

    - See new things

    - Don’t waste time on the internet

    - Read more god damn books

    - Listen to an album, not a song

    - Be thankful for the people around you

    - Have some confidence boy

    - Always be kind

    - Create something(s)

    - Eat well, drink well, live well

    The first 25 years have been wonderful. Thanks to every single person who has in someway or another been in them.

  15. Yesterday was the first day of my staycation where the weather had been half decent. After running by newly opened cafe, Two Planets, in Neukölln, I got on my bike and met friend Luke Leighfield at the Helmut Newton photography exhibition. The exhibition focused on his work in fashion photography, particularly what they were calling ‘porno chic’. I was most taken by his collection of portraits of the rich, powerful and famous. It’s amazing how much a photograph can tell you about a persons character.

    A 10 minute walk from the exhibition is Lon Men’s Noodle House. I have been meaning to try this place for months, so was very excited. We both took the number 3, a taiwanese style chicken noodle soup and a mix of gyoza. It lived up to, and potentially exceeded all expectations, I will most certainly be coming back very soon.

    The rest of the day I spent exploring west berlin by bike.